What Approach Is The Best Fit for You?

With our wide array of options, Bakersfield Home Buyers, LLC is a true one-stop “Real Estate Solutions” company.

Regardless of your real estate situation, Bakersfield Home Buyers, LLC, is here to help. Our goal with every client is to come up with a comprehensive solution that creates both a “win-win” and the best fit for your needs. Here is one of our options.

“Quick Close CASH FOR YOUR HOUSE Program”
Here are some of the types of problems this program provides solutions for:
  • Properties in need of repair
  • Inherited properties you no longer want
  • Rental Properties you no longer want to deal with (evictions, vacancy, repairs, bad tenants)
  • Uninhabitable properties
  • In a hurry to sell and don’t want to wait for listing with an agent
  • … and MANY MORE!

 Benefits of this program include:
  • No realtor fees, no closing costs, no appraisal
  • You avoid the hassle of waiting 60-90 days for a listed property to close escrow
  • You receive peace of mind and the cash you need as quickly as you’d like

How Do These Programs Work?...